16.900 Touren,  1.600 Hütten  und täglich Neues aus den Bergen
Foto: Philipp Hartberger

Clean Mountains: Ascending Großvenediger with Peter Habeler

• 6. Dezember 2017
1 Min. Lesezeit

We will show you an informative video about the project „Clean Mountains“. Enjoy watching it!

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The Austrian Alpine Club (Österreichischer Alpenverein) has called the initiative „Saubere Berge“ (Clean Mountains) into life in 1970 and has been dedicated to contribute to the awareness-raising of the environment ever since. Its goal is to make sure every hiker removes his own trash, whether it's a banana peel, a cigarette bum or the wrapper of a cereal bar.

Peter Habeler is the ambassador of this project. He led a tour to the Großvenediger (3.666 m) in June 2017. He was joined by the initial partner Almdudler, as well as the Austrian Alpine Club, represented by its vice president Ingrid Hayek. The „Manifest of the Clean Mountains“ was signed symbolically on the summit. Bergwelten was part of it and brought you a video. It will for example show you how long it takes waste to decompose in the mountains. Enjoy watching it!

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